RALLY ‘O ! Obedience .. but fun :-)

ALLSORTS Rally Obedience Beginners Course

Level 1, this is a fun 5 lesson course providing the basics and foundations of the fun sport of Rally O’. This is dogs over 5 months. You will need to have some basic foundations in obedience before the course.

What is Rally ‘O?

Rally Obedience (also known as Rally-O) is a relatively new fun dog-sport based on traditional dog Obedience but carried out in a more informal and relaxed style,
 with the handler having familiarised themselves with a course of sequential signs. Unlike in traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs during the course, so you may use as much verbal praise and petting as you wish. It can be a great way to increase your bond with your dog, and to help you and your dog develop skills that can be applied in everyday life, or in other dog-sports.

Cost $150

ALLSORTS Rally O, what will I learn?


A General grasp on obedience: sitting, walking, downs etc would be helpful. A basic obedience course would be a good idea beforehand.


If wanting to compete options will be available to continue to that standard, definitely not a requirement.

Upcoming beginners course?

Next course dates:

Saturday the 19th of September , 2pm. Registration CLICK HERE