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Congratulations on your new little family member!
Let us help you provide your puppy with the best start in life through a fun and educational Puppy School.

These lessons will give you a better understanding of dog behaviour and with a qualified trainer will integrate your puppy into the family and have a positive and enjoyable relationship with your right from the start. You will also gather the skills to start teaching your puppy the basics in manners and obedience plus most importantly gently start socialising with other puppies, people, objects and noises.


Thursday the 15th of August, 7pm Mandurah South Vets, Falcon

Wednesday the 24th of July, 7pm, Mandurah South Vets, Falcon

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 Your questions answered?

What are my puppy training objectives?

My objectives for puppy school:

  • zuesTo help the initial transition for the puppy into your home.
  • To help puppy proof your home and make plans of how you want your lifestyle to be with your family member.
  • To provide you with a general understanding dog behaviour and easier more fun ways to train your puppy.
  • To provide help on all puppy behaviours such as toilet training, chewing, digging, mouthing, jumping, etc.
  • To start building the foundation for your obedience training.
  • To begin to learn how to teach your puppy the basics such as Sit, Look, Come, Stay, Down and Walk.
  • To learn about prevention for future behavioural issues such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, fear, etc.
  • To gently start controlled safe socialisation with other puppies, people, objects, noises and environments.
  • To end up with a dog that is easy and safe to handle (vet friendly).
  • To form a strong foundation of a relationship from the very start.
What age do I enrol my puppy?

IMG_2660 2Puppies can be enrolled anywhere from 8 weeks to 15weeks (16w for sml breed) of age. They need to have at least one vaccination completed.

Why start training at an early age?

Because … ‘Prevention is better than cure’

IMG_0548We have all heard this saying and is so true in regards to dogs. Let me help you get started on the right track from the moment your puppy steps into your household.

Most people acquire a puppy during the period of life of 6-14 weeks known as the ‘critical period’. This is the most important exposure and socialisation period of your dogs life and will severely affect them later on, so having someone with the knowledge of how to gently expose your puppy and also amalgamate them to the outside world is essential.

Please visit Stages of a puppies life
 for more information.

What about vaccinations?

As explained this period is critical for socialisation and to help prevent fear and aggression later in your puppies life, but your puppy won’t be fully vaccinated when beginning training. They will need to have started their regime with at least one vaccination (please bring records) . We minimise the risks but holding the classes in an controlled, regularly disinfected environment and I ask all clients to carry their puppies to this indoors area and also walk their shoes through a disinfectant foot bath before entering the classroom. There are still small risks involved but we do everything to reduce this risk and it is of great benefit to the puppy for socialisation exposure during this period of it’s life.

Why choose Allsorts for puppy classes?

home-circle-puppyStarting off originally as a qualified Vet Nurse, I have been teaching Puppy school classes for over 12 years, running 2-4 classes per week.  I am fully aware of their needs, socialization period, behaviours and have a gentle approach to training.

The puppy sessions are quite comprehensive, for although they are terribly cute, they can be a handful! But with good understanding, foundations and preparation you will have a fantastic relationship and well rounded adult dog that is a pleasure to spend time with.

Puppy School Details

  • DSC003785 Lesson Course – This includes an information session (without puppies) and 4 training sessions.
  • Courses are held Tuesday or Thursday nights from 7pm
  • All your puppy behaviours topics covered… Chewing, Digging, Jumping, Biting, Toilet training and more.
  • Good general obedience learned… Come, Sit, Watch, Walk, Down and Stay with easy training methods.
  • The course covers safety handling, health, games, food and bones.
  • Socialisation for both noise and objects, and safe/calm socialisation between puppies.

COST: $130


Thursday the 15th of August 2019, Mandurah South Vets, Falcon

Wednesday the 24th of July, 7pm, Mandurah South Vets, Falcon

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