Allsorts Dog Behaviour & Training Services was founded in DEB2003 by Debbie Coleman, a dog trainer and behaviourlist who loves dogs and has committed her life to helping people understand their dogs better to make life more enjoyable for both parties. Working hard for over 10 years Allsorts has supplied successful classes, home personal trainings and opened a successful Doggie Daycare business in Queensland, from 2009 to 2013.

Debbie relocated her home dog training business to Mandurah, Western Australia, in 2014 and is servicing the surrounding areas of Falcon, Wannerup, Dawsville, Erskine, Dudley Park, Barragup, South Yanderup, Pinjarra, Dwellingup, Nambeelup, Meadow Springs, Parklands, Lakelands, Singleton, Goldern Bay, Secret Harbour, Port Kennedy, Baldivis, and Rockingham.

Debbie caters for:

  • Allsorts of dogs, breeds and ages without discrimination
  • Allsorts of obedience and general manners
  • Allsorts of behavioural problems, large and small
  • Allsorts of options to suit your lifestyles and needs
  • Allsorts of humane training solutions and methods

Recommendations from the veterinary and foster/refuge animal industry:

Dr Chris Pretorius

I have known Debbie for a number of years professionally and have referred numerous clients with pets with behaviour issues to her.

The feedback I received where so positive and encouraging and I can’t remember a single case where no good outcome where achieved.

It was a sad day for vets, pets and owners when Debbie left Townsville. Not many days go by that I don’t reach for her business card to give to clients with issues.

Dr Chris Pretorius (BVSc), Hammet Street Vets, Townsville

Ruth Askey-Doran

I have known Debbie Coleman for 10 years and in this time she has successfully built her dog training business – Allsorts Dog Training into a well established, well reputed business in Townsville.

Debbie’s ethical and empathetic way of assisting various people, and more importantly, their dogs, has been a large part of this success.

Debbie’s focus has always been on dog welfare, and enhancing the quality of dogs lives.

As the Manager of a busy veterinary hospital our staff did not hesitate to recommend Debbie as our dog trainer of choice while she resided here.

I personally have had training with Debbie and several of my own dogs, and due to having experienced her high quality training, would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone seeking a better relationship with their beloved pet.

Ruth Askey-Doran, Practice Manager, Greencross Willows

Tammy O’Grady

Working as a vet nurse, you have to deal directly with a large cross section of dogs, most of which are very much loved by dedicated owners who want only the best for their fur child.  Whenever any of our clients had a behaviour or training concern with their pet dog, we would recommend them to call Debbie.  Debbie is the only trainer in Townsville that we recommended to our clients.  I have only ever heard positive feedback about Debbie and I would notice great changes in client’s dogs after that had been seeing Debbie.  Therefore, it was only natural that I took both my dogs to Debbie for training as pups and I have continued to follow all of Debbie’s recommendations ever since.  They are now 4 and 3 years old and I always get comments from family, friends and strangers on how well behaved and well socialised they both are.  We were so sorry to see Debbie leave Townsville, as were all our clients that saw her.  I can say from first hand experience that Debbie is an exceptional trainer and is so friendly and easy to relate to.

Tammy O’Grady, Vet Nurse, Townsville

Angela Atkinson

Debbie has worked with many of our foster dogs and also done some wonderful lessons on Dog and puppy obedience with our carers, while Debbie was in Townsville she has become an amazing asset to the Townsville Foster and rehoming animals team, and without her knowledge, skills and amazing heart we would have been lost. Thank you Debbie.

Angela Atkinson, Director, Townsville Foster and Rehoming Animals

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