About Allsorts

Allsorts Dog Behaviour & Training Services was founded in 2003 by Debbie Coleman, a dog trainer and behaviouralist who loves dogs and has committed her life to helping people understand their dogs better to make life more enjoyable for both parties. Working hard for over 19 years in three different states Allsorts has supplied successful classes, personal trainings and opened and sold a successful Doggie Daycare business.

Debbie caters for:

  • Allsorts of dogs, breeds and ages without discrimination,
  • Allsorts of obedience and general manners,
  • Allsorts of behavioural problems, large and small,
  • Allsorts of options to suit your lifestyles and needs,
  • Allsorts of humane training solutions and methods,
  • Allsorts of dog sports.

Debbie Coleman

Recommendations from the veterinary and foster/refuge animal industry