Welcome to Allsorts NEW Agility Courses :-) Time to have some fun!


Agility is a fun sport that sees a dog running through an obstacle course at the direction of their owner. Any breed and owner can have a go as it’s about having fun and developing a better bond with your dog, with the option of competing if you choose.

Why would you do agility?

  • Boost your puppies/dogs confidence
  • Strengthen your bond and teamwork with your dog
  • Have fun! Any breed can do this and you don’t have to compete just have a positive attitude


  • You will also have access to a private Facebook group for group discussions, tips, homework, advice, videos and much more are posted.
  • You will be able to ask questions and even post your own videos, photos so everyone can see! Support, advise and fun!

AGILITY Level 1 

4 Weekly Lessons, cost $100, 1 hour sessions, 6 availabilities

Location: Halls Head, address is in email after registration.

This fun 4 lesson course provides an insight to the sport of Dog Agility The foundation work is the building blocks to agility and also assists in building a stronger relationship between yourself and you dog.

What will you learn in Basic Foundation 1?

  • Shaping, Targeting, Bridging SkillsCRICKET BUNBURY TRIAL
  • Rear end awareness
  • Basic flat work and side recalls
  • Play and motivation with food and toys
  • Tunnel fun
  • Introduction to jumping(will vary depending on age of dog)

Loved it and want more?

  • Follow into Agility Level 2
  • Details will be provided in last lesson

For Registration of course:

Monday the 13th 4.30 pm:  Registration Link

Please note your dogs need to be sociable with other people and dogs.


AGILITY – Level 2 

6 Weekly Lessons, cost $150, 1 hour sessions once a week (apart from Public holidays)

Location: Halls Head.


  • Must have done Level 1 in agility, or an equivalent course or experience.

What will you learn in Agility Level 2?

  • Shaping, Targeting, Bridging Skills
  • Rear end awareness
  • Expand on basic flat work skills
  • Turns
  • Sequencing Wings.
  • Cone and Wrapping, sends.
  • Tunnels
  • If of age jumping foundation skills


Please note your dogs need to be sociable with other people and dogs.