Loose Leash Walking Course

No more waterskiing with your dog!

This is a fun short course aimed to help you achieve the pleasant walk we all want without fear and harsh corrections. We will cover topics to help you understand why dogs pull, gentle training aids and methods for you to gain a loose leash and pleasurable walk. You will learn from the basics up, plus some fun games and challenges for walking.

  • 3 lessons 3/4 hour each session
  • Small class sizes with a limit of 6 dogs.
  • For any dogs over the age of 4 months
  • Cost $150

PLEASE NOTE: This course is not for reactive dogs. If your dog lunges in an unpleasant way, growls or barks at dogs please refer to the Home Training Services.

Venue: Calabash Kennels Training Centre, 27 Calabash Road, Arcadia, NSW 2159

Schedule and Registration