Adolescence/Adult Manners

Obedience and Manners for the Adolescent/Adult Dog.

The course provides a basic understanding on dogs body language and communication, improving your training techniques and teaching your dog in an easier fun way. The course consists of 6 lessons completed over 6 weeks and is for dogs over 9 months of age!  Reward based methods are used throughout the training course. 

You will learn:

  • General manners, such as jumping up and relaxing on leash, and practical obedience to help improve your lifestyle with your dog at home and outside in different fun environments.
  • Walking on a loose lead, basic obedience, Sits, focus, Down, Stays. Improving these each week by working through the three D.D.Ds, Duration, Distance and Distraction.
  • Short & long lead recall
  • Walking challenges such as passing other dogs and weaving changing pace
  • Confidence Building exercises
  • Emergency Stop
  • Leave it command and settling on a bed
  • Games and play

PLEASE NOTE: If your dog displays any AGGRESSION towards other dogs please contact the trainer first and discuss BEFORE booking, thank you kindly.

For dogs over 6 months of age. 

6 x 1 hour Lessons 

Course Cost: $300

Venue: ALLSORTS Training Centre

10 Canoelands Road, Canoelands, NSW 2157.