Reliable Recall Short Course

Build a reliable recall through games and fun interactive training!

This is a fun short course aimed to help you achieve better and more reliable recall with your dog.  We will help you to understand why dogs don’t come back, and you will learn the foundations to build a recall to provide you and your companion more freedom.

  • 3 lessons ~1/2 hour each session
  • Small class sizes with a limit of 5 dogs.
  • For any dogs over the age of 4 months
  • Cost $150

PLEASE NOTE: This course is not for reactive dogs, if your dog lunges in an unpleasant way, growls or barks at dogs please refer to the Home Training Services offered or contact Debbie 0439-359-601 to discuss. 

Venue: Calabash Kennels Training Centre, 27 Calabash Road, Arcadia, NSW 2159

Schedule and Registration