Puppy Primary Course

This is a fun confidence building course for puppies between the age of 3-7 months. Topics that are covered are puppy behaviours, general manners and practical obedience all in a confidence building way. Each lesson is completed with some fun exercises like tunnel runs or socialisation then a 5 minute sit down and recap of the class exercise and homework.

  • The course is 6 lessons over 6 weeks.
  • All your puppy behaviours topics covered: Chewing, Digging, Jumping, Biting and Mouthing, Tug of War and play methods.
  • Good general Obedience learned… Come, Sit, Watch, Walk, Down and Stay with easy training methods. We will learn to develop out commands by working through the three D.D.Ds, Duration, Distance and Distraction.
  • Introduction to long lead recall.
  • Impulse control exercises and Leave it commands and Give.
  • Introduction to Safety Stop command.
  • Fun Scent Games and activities.
  • Small class sizes with a limit of 6 puppies.
  • All puppies must be fully vaccinated.
  • Cost $300.

Venue: ALLSORTS Training Centre

10 Canoelands Road, Canoelands 2157 NSW

Registration for the next up coming course HERE